Lauris Ogan

Born in Benin, Lauris appeared in 2015 on the runway at the fashion week in Paris.

Since then, she has worked with Kess Berlin, Antonelle paris, Augustine Amsterdam, Lovely beauty, Lyvem Thelabel, Cajoy Jewelry ...
Her triggering Look, her radiant smile and her polyvalent talents follow in the pages of the number of magazines for which she has worked, in particular L'officiel Baltics, Vogue Italia, Elléments magazine, Kaltbult magazine, Glamour sa

Today she is pursuing her dream of making a place for herself in the cinema and has managed to make a place for herself in the Netflix Emily in Paris serie.

Evolving from a hobby to a professional career, her passion for fashion has always been a passion of hers has taken her all over the world, to cities well known in the fashion and beauty industry such as London, Germany, Milan, Paris, Barcelona etc. Lauris's unique style evolves around an effortless elegance of pure beauty associated with exoticism.