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My story goes back to the incredible courage and daring of the Amazons of Dahomey who created their own all-female battalion to fight against colonization It was in Benin, the country where I was born It is their legacy that I carry with me as I navigate through life and create my own.


Fashion ? It's not just because I was told I was beautiful. I embody the burning desire of a black model to instill fighting spirit and self-acceptance in all those who still doubt their natural potential. This leads me to always be 100%, and I think that this energy is felt, even contagious when I work.


That's probably why I am where I am today with a unique and elegant style in the many pages of magazines, in the biggest fashion cities and prestigious brands in Europe. I suffered. It changed me and probably propelled me towards my destiny. It is necessary to break the chains of poverty of this easy thought that makes people believe that being black is a handicap, that coming from below is a handicap. This social, patriarchal paradigm of white supremacy that has made us inferior must be banished from our thinking. Everyone must be free to create their own personality, to be free to express themselves, to accept themselves as a model, as a black model, and to invent their own version of beauty. That's what I want to transmit.

My motivational mantra every day

You become what you think and believe no matter how long it takes.

My favorite phrase

You can't be afraid to move forward

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